Pre-MARC Activities



Pre-MARC Activity (Student Development Activity)


Science 200-002:


Course Overview:

In the pursuit of a degree in science and scientific research, there are many opportunities that students do not know about. This course, curriculum designed by the MARC office, will expose students to information that will empower them to make more informed decisions.  The course is ideal for students interested in research or pursuing a research career. Students in their freshmen and sophomore year are particularly encouraged to register for this courseStudents learn about significant information not readily available to them in traditional science class.  Students have the opportunity to meet Hunter scientists involved in cutting edge research, learn about various research fields, and explore the world of scientific research and discovery.


Course Description: 

This course is designed as a “seminar” with weekly invited speakers, undergraduate and graduate research students and faculty, who present their research from different science disciplines. Students in the class gain basic knowledge on research techniques, interpreting data and giving oral presentations.  The course format is in an interactive setting with a forum for students to network and meet informally with scientists outside the traditional classroom. Since the course is primarily based on guest presentations and class participation, attendance is critical to maximize the benefits of the class. Students also tour Hunter labs during the later part in the semester.



SCI 200-002 meets on Wednesdays from 3:10 pm - 5:00 pm and offered every semester.  Students interested in taking SCI-200-002 must have a Pre-/Co- requisite of BIOL 100 or CHEM 100 or 102. This course is run through the MARC program at Hunter College. Permission is required through the MARC office, contact Judith O’Brien at 212 772-5274 or by email at